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Baúl de Synnove

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Mensaje por Synnove A. Lackberg el Jue Ene 17, 2019 3:22 pm

Cronología de Synnove


Synnove's rules - Sami Zakaria
Little boy - Sage Noble
Semper Solennes - Ivar Lackberg
Half of my kingdom and a couple of skates - Eloise Leblanc
There are ten thousand roads to run away - Celestine Keogh
Reincidencia - Charlie Meyer
Wounds and open heart - Sami Zakaria
Kaleidoscope - Jolene Yorkey
In my blood - Moira Lackberg
Hello from the other side - Mimi Johnson


It's never too late to start all over again - Ivar Lackberg
Popcorn and butterbeer - Nathaniel Wright
Welcome to Neverland - Locki Rockefeller & Simon Lackberg
An everglow - Jakobe Lackberg
Fortnorth - Simon Lackberg
Dirty paws - Ken Black
I wounded the good and I trusted the wicked - Ken Black
The last goodbye
A beautiful lie - Simon Lackberg
Not everything is unicorns and rainbows - Ivar & Amalie Lackberg


I saw the future unfold in silver and gold - Ken Black & Mimi Johnson
It's nice to have a friend - Ken Black
A generation unafraid - Ken Black, Maeve Davies, Oliver Helmuth, Dave Meyer & Holly Callahan
You don't know what you lost - Ken Black
Oíd mortales - Santiago Spinetta
Now we're young enough to try to build a better life
Drama teen - Ken Black
South of the border - Mimi Johnson & Holly Callahan
In my own skin - Dioni Grimaldi
Join in the fight that will give you the right to be free - Ken Black


The guards of the skyline - Benedict Franco
Draw a way through the lights - Alice Whiteley

Josefine Pettersen • 20 años • Hab. • Est. Royal
Synnove A. Lackberg
Synnove A. LackbergFugitivo

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Baúl de Synnove Empty Re: Baúl de Synnove

Mensaje por Synnove A. Lackberg el Mar Dic 15, 2020 1:41 am

A route through the northern lights

Like a feather in a beautiful world.
Práctica de control emocional y exploración en el norte.

The road between relapse and remission.
La derrota.

I'm only human.
Control emocional con Desireé.

The game of kings and queens.
El pedido de Magnar Aminoff.

Regrets collect like old friends.
La captura.

Dangerous, this jack of hearts.
Regreso a la «caja de cristal».

I'll fight my corner.
La bondad del enemigo.  

You had to kill me, but it killed you just the same.
El veneno de la Muerte Plácida.

Cover your crystal eyes and let your colours bleed

Synnove A. Lackberg
Synnove A. LackbergFugitivo

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